Corporate, commercial and charities

Assistance with the establishment of companies, drafting contracts and the respective negotiations, drafting of articles of incorporation and bylaws of companies and entities, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, keeping and updating of company records, drafting of the minutes of board of directors’
meetings, commercial contracts, acting as statutory auditor, administrator or liquidator, registration of company trademarks, share transfers, assistance with start-ups and business development, assistance to non-profit organizations and registration in the register of charities, generational changeover planning, trusts, amendments to bylaws and capital transactions.

Extraordinary transactions and business crises

Planning of extraordinary transactions (mergers, acquisitions, contributions, demergers, restructuring, sale and rental of companies, voluntary liquidations, purchase and sale of shareholdings), preparation and certification of appraisals for valuing company assets, due diligence; reorganization of corporate groups
and their rationalization;


Simplified and ordinary accounting for professionals, commercial businesses, companies and organizations, affixing of the auditor’s seal of approval, preparation and sending of tax returns on behalf of natural and legal persons, tax assistance during the start-up phase and registration for VAT, VAT and direct tax refunds,
assistance with electronic invoicing, Intrastat forms, advice and assistance with the preparation of financial statements, preparation of interim financial statements, budget analysis, transfer pricing.


Assistance to companies and individuals during tax audits, assistance and representation in disputes brought by Italian regional tax commissions, advice and drafting of opinions and appraisals on tax matters,
lodging of appeals with the Italian tax authorities,  assistance with regularizing relations with INAIL (Italian occupational accident insurance organization) and INPS (Italian social security organization), the Italian revenue agency, court-appointed and ex parte expert witness assignments in the context of civil proceedings.


Preparation of payslips, personnel management, assessment and choice of applicable contracts, advice on relations with trade unions, social security and insurance organizations, local employment offices; assistance with dismissal procedures and disciplinary disputes, extra-judicial assistance with trade union
disputes, analysis of personnel costs, assistance to companies in crisis in selecting and managing social safety nets, assistance with disputes brought by institutions and expert reports for cases before employment tribunals, corporate welfare, annual declarations, INAIL self-assessment, management of domestic personnel.

Auditing, banking and finance

Statutory audit, corporate financial structure analysis, diagnosis and monitoring of corporate financial structure, financial statement and ratio analysis, preparation of budgets and business plans, budget control and planning, assistance with accessing and managing credit, processing of financial plans and investment sustainability, preparation of financial statements and cash flow analysis, verification of usury threshold being exceeded and application of compound interest and banking litigation.

Personal finance

Settlement of assets and inheritances, purchase and sale of shareholdings, preparation of income and inheritance returns and settlement of related taxes, tax assistance relating to the ownership of securities and real estate assets held abroad by Italian citizens (tax monitoring and completion of form RW), assistance in case of investigation by the tax authorities.